Download the complaint form

Follow the instructions

  1. prepare the advertised goods
  2. prepare the purchase invoice and warranty card, if it was issued with the purchased goods,
  3. print and fill out the complaint form
  4. place in the packaging intended for shipping: the form, warranty card (if applicable) and the goods being complained about,
  5. label the packaging / carton legibly: “COMPLAINT”,
  6. seal the packaging carefully and address the shipment to: OK Sp. z o. o. Konstantynów Łódzki 90-050, street Krótka 6.
  7. hand over the parcel to the courier company.

When submitting a complaint, assess the condition of the product and make sure whether the defects of the goods do not result from improper use. More information can be found at Store Regulations.

The shipping costs of the complained goods are covered by the buyer, we do not accept cash on delivery.

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